Why is it “easy as pie”? Pies are stressful!

Why is it “easy as pie”? Pies are stressful!

Not just a pie

Pies are easy to eat…they are not as easy to make.

With spring comes the start of church picnic season. My small, country parish has our spring chicken dinner this weekend. Each family is asked to bring homemade bread and baked goods for the meal and to sell at the Country Store. I enjoy baking and eating the desserts, but sometimes making them takes away from their sweetness.

Making the crust is a great stress reliever. First you kneed and roll the dough and get out all your frustrations, but then you have to get that beautiful crust into the pan with out making any holes in it. (Stupid holes!) Once the crust is filled with fruity goodness, you have to make your top crust look just right, because you know the ladies working the dessert table are going to judge you on your crust designing skills. (Judge lest ye be judged, ladies!)

The dessert table ladies aren’t the biggest concern though. What if your pie isn’t pretty enough for Pumpkin Pie 17.jpganyone to buy at the Country Store? There is nothing more damaging to a baker’s pride than to be one of last desserts standing at the end of the day. (Oh, to be the first dessert gone!) 

Here are the lessons behind “easy as pie” for those proud bakers and those with the wounded-crust pride:

png 1 Everyone knows effort went into making that pie. They appreciate your efforts.

png 1 Pie is delicious, even if it isn’t the prettiest.

png 1 These pies are created for your community of fellow believers and your role in serving your community makes you pretty sweet.

While the struggles of making desserts (or volunteering for service) may  not always leave us with a sweet taste in our mouths, they can leave us with a feeling of fulfillment and gratitude in our hearts. Serve up intent created with positive energy and ingredients of love and grace. Your Intentergy will add to the delicious rewards received when your efforts result in greater service and connections with your community.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Sometimes I buy the ugly desserts so their bakers’ feelings aren’t hurt. I think they taste the best.

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