Abandoning Time

Abandonded time

Time is tough to abandon but it sure is nice to let it go sometimes.

Playing in the creek is one of our favorite summer pastimes. Throwing rocks, building bridges, hunting crawdads and tadpoles, fishing, and picking wild flowers are the best ways to forget that there is a life too full of demands waiting beyond those creek banks.

I think my favorite thing about the creek is that it provides us with “rush free” fun. We are able to abandon our watches and phones. We are able to abandon the worries of dishes, laundry, and bill paying. We are able to abandon the stresses of schedules and calendars. We are trying to abandon time.

Rarely does a day pass when my kiddos fail to ask if we can go to the creek. They understand and appreciate the fact that when we are at the creek, they are free to play, work, and dream right along with those currents. The fact that the water, animals, and plants are all there naturally makes it the perfect place for us to play and grow. The fact that the creek never reminds us that we have to be somewhere else is magic.

On our last trip to the creek, my son caught some amazing crawdads. (They were huge!) He put them in a bucket and dutifully added rocks and fresh water to the bucket to make the crawdads happy. When it was time to leave, he cried. Oh, how he cried! He did not want to release the crawdads. 

I told him that those crawdads would not live long in the bucket. They are God’s creatures and needed to be in the running water with their families. The creek would always have more crawdads for us to catch.

Tearfully, he released his clawed friends and headed to the car. I saw the crawdads swim desperately back to the rocky bottom. At that moment I had to smile because I knew the creek would always provide something for my children to discover and opportunities to appreciate the wonder of what flowed through its tides.

Be sure to dedicate some intent to abandoning time. Give yourself a chance to wonder through the flow of the beautiful unknown and appreciate what forms around you naturally. Schedule dates to get away from the scheduled and allow yourself and those you love chances to be carefree.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Visiting the creek is free. There are no cover charges and your don’t need an appointment.





7 thoughts on “Abandoning Time

  1. Your expressions on the creek are why I have, since childhood, an infinity with creeks. Santa Barbara has the most beautiful creeks that are regularly rid of trash by community volunteers. I am encouraged by your respect and teachings to your children who will teach their children. Time without notice is washed downstream when one is at the creek.

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    1. Thank you. The creek has so much to offer and it is important to show its beauty and fragility to my children. The time we spend there is so valuable. I am excited to share your feelings on the need to appreciate and protect these treasures and times.

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      1. The creek that I found since moving to Merced from afar looked immensely pleasurable. Until I came to the bank and realized the eucalyptus grove and every tree in that grove that stretched possibly for a mile were doomed by Urban Beavers that had taken over and felled some, but worse were the dams that caused severe bank erosion the tree’s roots are exposed. For three years I have chronicled the loss of the trees. The municipalities neglect and apathy have compounded the demise. My youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcgE1M7K7pSNgSAzCnDxPIQ
        has a few videos, Peril at The Park I and II I made when I started teaching myself how to be a videographer. A Problem at the Park is me ranting to the city council, it’s rated R for Rage. I am going to finish up with a time lapse video as they are mostly gone. Sadness.


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