Wrongness and Visionaries – Wise Words Wednesday

Visionary Wrongness

There is nothing worse than finding out an idea was a “bad” idea. There are ideas that demand such confidence that is is painful to not have faith in their potential. It is only when we give that idea a chance that we find out if we are visionary or wrong.

sheldoncooper1Sheldon Cooper’s character rarely allows doubt to filter into his decision making process. When a notion is questionable, Dr. Cooper turns to what he knows – science. When science can’t solve it, he blames the conundrum on the imperfections of humanity.

When I am unable to work out a problem, or I begrudgingly discover an idea was not so great, I have to turn to what I do know – my gut instinct. (My attachment to science isn’t as strong as Dr. Cooper’s.)

The biggest problem with letting your gut instinct be the guide is that your brain can see what may be coming and your gut can’t. (The whole visionย thing)

As a parent I am constantly making choices for my children that I believe are right. Often my vision and the visions of others may differ (usually the visions of my children) but I believe that my love for them and motherly instincts direct me to make choices that are best for my little sweeties. Sometimes I come out looking “visionary” and others I land on the wrong side of the “I told you so” realm.

On the farm we are constantly challenged to make decisions that have completely unpredictable results. It is up to us to have faith in our decisions and commit to their implementations. Sometimes we are awesome agriculturalists and other times we find ourselves scrambling like the proverbial chickens with our heads cut off.

In the classroom I have witnessed a lot of human behavior. Often the body language and behavior speak volumes more than the actual words of my students. I have to rely on my visionary powers as a teacher to know what that individual needs. Again, that darn humanity can come into play and the outcome of my efforts can swing unpredictably between the visionary and the wrong. Hopefully, the role of visionary is one I serve way more often than that of the “wrong.”

thuslyI guess the message of this post is that no matter where your ideas stem have faith that you have visionary potential. In the event that you find yourself on the “wrong” side of a decision, use that wrongness to aid your vision for future endeavors. Whatever you do don’t give up on your ideas or your visions.

There is a fine line between wrong and visionary…

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I think the Big Bang Theory writers are brilliant… maybe even more brilliant than Sheldon Cooper. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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