Mess Magic

The Magic Mess

Who feels like they are in the midst of a mess right now? A holiday recovery, end-of-year, I-ate-too-many-desserts, what’s-with-this-weather mess?

The holiday meltdown isn’t just for snow, fudge, and small children. We all have the right and inclination to collapse into the most cataclysmic of chaotic mindsets this time of year.

Here’s the good news… the magic is in the mess.

With the heaviest of holiday heaps coming on, eating Dove chocolate is still one of my favorite therapies. As I frantically re-created a lost answer key for my COM 111 final, ithe shiny wrapper of a caramel-filled chocolate provided this golden nugget of peace… the magic is in the mess.

I almost wept at these words. How did that little chocolate know I needed to that mantra in my life?

This morning, as my children are sleeping in, hubby is on the farm, and the end-of-year book work stares me down, I can’t help but hope that this magic mess mantra could become a part of my daily routine.

Why can’t it?

On any given day of any given year, a magician can pull a rabbit from a hat, find the exact card the lovely assistant chose, or a quarter from the unsuspecting ear of a child.

How do they do it?

The magic is in the mess.

No magician likes to share his or her secrets, but every magician knows that the good stuff happens when the audience is distracted.

Our job now is to become the magician. We have to develop our skills for finding the hidden secrets and positive ploys for adding joy to the day. When we discover ways to continually bring focus to the positive, we definitely add magic to our moments.

Don’t just take on the illusion of happiness. Manifest the many ways messes are magical. Contrive clever ways to clear up problems. Reveal to others the ready-made joy that comes from laughter, empathy, and imperfection. Make those messes magical with the ability to leave unnecessary distractions aside and pull out the positive from the piles of predicaments.

I hope that Christmas magic can find its way into your entire year, but, mostly, I wish you well in finding joy in the idea that magic doesn’t just come from Christmas. Please add the positive intent of seeking out the good in each situation and person. What may appear to be your biggest mess yet may transform into something terrific. The magic is in the mess.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. No hat, wand, or trunk of tricks is required to find the magic in the mess, but a good sense of humor is helpful.





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