Signs of Faith

sign of faith

Recently I had the opportunity to visit our local ambulance district headquarters with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop. It was a terrific experience.

The girls were able to see all of the equipment and try out some of the life-saving gear used by the ambulance personnel.  Dana, our guide, took time to show and explain each part of the ambulance district offices, garage, training rooms, and living quarters. The sign in the picture above was hanging in the living room.

This sign was probably one of the greatest examples I have ever encountered of what faith truly is. The reality of what those medics and responders face daily struck me with tremendous force as I read and re-read those words, “Faith makes things possible, not easy…”

“Faith makes things possible, not easy…”

How many times have I found myself trying to reassure a student that I had faith in them?

Rarely did they realize my faith was in their ability to be successful at a task, not in the ability for the task to be done without some effort. Oh how I wish these words were in my teaching vernacular for the last decade!

What about all those times when I prayed for help with making a huge decision?

I always had faith that God would see me through it. I didn’t always want to acknowledge the struggles that would come with making that decision. It was easier to accept that once a decision was made things would just work out.

“Faith makes things possible, not easy…”

Putting out proverbial fires at my home and school are something I do all the time. Rescuing kids from the depths of despair over a lost toy or a bruise are everyday tasks, but never have I had to run into a burning building or pull someone from a car crash. EMT’s, first responders, police officers, and firefighters have a faith deeper than anything I can imagine. They willing face tragedy, violence, and chaos for the sake of others. They are a special breed of human being. Words cannot express the appreciation I have for their willingness to do their jobs, especially when they are not easy.

As you take on the challenges of your day, your week, or maybe your year, do not lose hope when things get rocky.

Possibility is always in the making.

You just have to have faith in yourself and the potential that comes with believing the future holds great things for you. You may not be an emergency responder, but you can save yourself from sadness and hopelessness with these words.

I am so grateful for the learning opportunity that came my way in the Osage County Ambulance District offices. I am especially thankful for this lesson about the human condition and the powerful reminder that faith makes things possible, not easy.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. God bless emergency responders, EMT’s, police officers, fire fighters, and those who live to serve each day knowing that it won’t always be easy.




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