PJ’s in the creek = Mom of the Year for me

PJ’s in the creek = Mom of the Year for me

pj's in the creek.jpg

Yes, that is my son in his Paw Patrol jammies playing in the creek. Doesn’t he look so happy?

On an impromptu visit the creek, my kids found their way into the water. Slowly they “accidentally” got their toes wet. As Daddy and I were discussing the fence line, oops, their ankles got wet. Before you knew it, my oldest was up to her waist because a frog “scared” her into the water. 🙂

As the kids started splashing and finding tadpoles, crawdads, and seas shells, my husband and I enjoyed their laughter and listening to the remarks made about their nature discoveries.

It was as much fun for us to watch as it was for them to play.

Now to address my son’s pj’s.

It was a stay-at-home day and it had started out cloudy and rainy. My little guy was happy to stay in his FAVORITE jammies and I was happy to oblige. As the afternoon cleared and we decided to take our quick ride to check the cows by the creek, I didn’t think it would hurt to let him wear the precious pajamas.

When he started to wade through creek, my thoughts were, “They need to be washed anyway.”

When he began laying down in the creek, my thoughts became, “Those things are really holding up.”

As he started to collect pretty rocks in his shirt, my thoughts jumped to, “Man, I hope those jammies hold up.”

When it was time to go and strip the wet jammies off before getting back in the truck, my little guy hugged me and said, “That was fun, Mommy.” My thoughts ran straight to, “I am Mom-of-the-Year.”

It probably isn’t advisable to let your kids play in the creek in their pajamas every day. It is advisable to let them be kids and sometimes we need to provide them opportunities that are worry-free.

I am not good at the worry-free part but I want my children to be.

Today I encourage you to let loose of some inhibition or fear. Let childlike curiosity and playfulness control your actions for just a bit. Do something that is innocent and healthy.

Not sure that I recommend playing in a creek in your pajamas but, hey, splash in a puddle or climb a tree or catch some lightning bugs.  Put your energy and intent into doing something that is purely fun and make a memory of a time when your cares were not what carried you away.

By: Melanie A. Peters





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