They Are Called Bygones For a Reason


They Are Called Bygones For a Reason

png 1 Bye + Gone = Bygone

png 1 Good + Bye = Goodbye

Just as “bygone” is a compound word, worry and guilt compound when we fail to leave them behind.

Two years ago we had one of the wettest springs I can recall. There were terrible storms. During one of the storms, lightening struck one of our cows. She happened to be the one my hubby told our kiddos was his “favorite.” After torrential rains fell for a few days, the creek got out of its banks and washed away the “favorite” cow. We know it washed her away because multiple people called to say they saw here swiftly floating down the creek. It was not a happy situation.

My kids still remember that “favorite” cow every time the creek runs high. They say, “Daddy, do you remember when your favorite cow died?” and he always responds with, “Yes, I remember when my favorite cow died.”

They just can’t let go of that poor cow.

Bygones are like that cow.

We can’t change that they happened. We can’t bring them back. Time (and the creek) wash them away from us. If we don’t move on from the bygone, we can never have a new “favorite” cow or embrace a new emotion.

Many of you are thinking I am a heartless cow for writing this post, but I am really am not. It is important to me to help others let go of hurtful things from the past. It is important for all of us to say goodbye to bygones.

Please find the energy and intent to let go of guilt or grief in your past. Dedicate that energy to trying new things or developing new positive feelings. Establish intent that drives you forward and says goodbye to past hurts. Don’t let the weight of guilt and worry compound. Take away their power as you wave them away and welcome something new into your life. They are called bygones for a reason. 🙂

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I am really not a heartless cow. I liked that cow too.

P.P.S. I don’t have a “favorite” cow.




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