A Flat Attitude or “Flatitude”

A Flat Attitude

Attitudes get a bad wrap. It isn’t the attitude’s fault that we got grounded. It isn’t the attitude’s fault that we got the speeding ticket. It isn’t the attitude’s fault that we were misunderstood and left out in the cold to lick our wounds.

Why you ask?

Well, attitudes don’t choose us. We choose the attitude.

Just as we blame a tire for going flat, it isn’t the tire’s fault we drove over a nail or broken glass. It isn’t the tire’s fault that we drove it until the tread wore too thin. It isn’t the tire’s fault that your husband likes to gawk and spends more time driving on the rumble strips along that highway than he does between the yellow lines. 😉

Just as a tire that is neglected becomes flat, so do our attitudes.

I was in danger of suffering from flatitude when people started texting on cell phones. I wanted nothing to do with texting. I found it annoying, lazy, and a depreciation of the communication between members of the human race. My attitude towards texting was downright hostile.

As society began to find helpful uses for texting, such as weather warnings, Amber Alerts, and school reminders, I warmed to the idea of those short-hand, instantaneous notes. (I still don’t care for texting abbreviations, but I am not angered by them as much as I used to be.) There are many times now that I can see text messaging kept my day and intents from going flat because I was able to receive information in a quick and concise manner. Those messages prevented me from frustration and helped in maintaining my flatitude toward text messaging.

png 1 flatitude (n.): a flat attitude 

(according to Melanie A. Peters’ Intentergy dictionary, 1st edition)

When we allow our beliefs or attitudes towards something to become flat or unmoving, we develop flatitude. Just as a flat tire keeps us from moving forward, flatitude prevents us from growing and enhancing our lives in the areas where we lack a positive or accepting attitude.

Today I encourage you to do an inspection of your attitudes. Is there a part of you and your attitude that needs an overhaul or maybe just a top off of positivity? Could you stand to inflate your views of someone or something in your life? Consider rotating some of your obligations so that you have a smoother ride through your day. Whatever it is you find in your inspection of attitude, know that there is always a chance to repair your attitude or replace it with a better one.

Remember we all go flat sometimes. Showing compassion for the bang-ups of others can help align their attitude and yours.

Have you ever had a time when a change of attitude helped redirect your Intentergy?

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Other words that can be found in Melanie A. Peters’ Intentergy dictionary, 1st edition include: Intentergy, flawsome, courage (a muscle), bygones




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