This Message Will Self-Destruct

I really liked the cartoon “Inspector Gadget” when I was a kid. Today I would LOVE some of his Go-Go-Gadget arms and legs.

Go go gadet messageIn each episode of Inspector Gadget, Inspector received an urgent message about an evil plot that needed foiling. After reading each urgent message, the slip of paper would destruct and usually backfire on the Chief. I feel like the Chief a lot. I am always trying to deliver an important message but it often explodes in my face after delivery. Sometimes the message isn’t all that important and it still goes “BOOM” in my lap.

Do you ever feel like your message is exploding (not in a good way) after you deliver it?

Let me give you an example: It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Lunch dishes are done. No pressing appointments are on the calendar. I grab a few granola bars and water bottles and call for the kids to shut off the TV and come outside with me.


“I don’t want to go!”

“I’m too tired.”

“Outside is stupid. I want to stay in here.”

My message just self-destructed.

I explode, “Get your butts outside. It is a beautiful day and we are not just going to sit inside!” and then I drag my fussy children outside for a ride on our ATV. Once they are angrily in the ATV, they begin fighting over who sits where and who wants a turn to drive.

In my “I am not covering up my annoyance” voice, I say, “Come on guys, we are so lucky to be able to have an ATV and beautiful place to ride. Stop fighting or I”ll…” 

I’ll what???!!??

What do I have to threaten them with?

Go go gadget armsI don’t want to take them back inside for a time-out. It took too much effort to get them outside. I don’t want to put out more negative energy. So instead, I just rev up the engine and take off, throwing them back into their seats and forcing them to “enjoy” the ride.

The wind in our hair usually blows away the grouchiness and the sunshine brightens the mood. After we see a few baby calves, birds, pretty plants, and hit a few fun dips, the ride is a positive thing and the explosions of the self-destructed message are left behind.

Like the Chief, our messages usually have some potential for back fire, but most of the time they could possibly save the day. So while you and I may not have robotic arms and legs and a hat full of super spy gear, we do have hearts and minds that provide us with words and messages that can make a difference. Sometimes the messages that make the biggest “BOOMS” are the ones that needed to be said the most.

This week put your Intentergy into relaying messages that have an impact. Pack positive and productive punch into what you say and how you send the message. Use your communication to cause energy for change, courage, and compassion. While that message may be followed with a “BOOM,” hopefully the effects that resonate will help save the day or maybe just the situation.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. This message will NOT self-destruct in 5 seconds because that would blow up a lot of computers and phones. (Those would NOT be good “BOOMS”)

P.P.S. If you have working Go-Go-Gadget arms, may I borrow them? Please.







4 thoughts on “This Message Will Self-Destruct

  1. Great post! First I have to note that I love inspector gadget as well. When I play Destiny 2 and I have to get out of a sticky situation, I always yell go go gadget boots and super jump away lol… on to the message of the post. Yes, I’ve had messages self destruct. Like when you have to have a serious talk to a friend about something touchy like relationships or someone talking behind their back. A lot of times denial can set in and they get mad at you for brining it up. But at the end of the day there are 2 forms or evil, people who do evil and people who see evil being done and don’t say anything. My friends no that I will try to be honest with them and sometimes that can be a double edged sword.

    -Luna 😀

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  2. I haven’t thought about inspector gadget for years but this post got the theme song stuck in my head 😀 I had a similar experience this past week when I suggested we turn off the electronics and go to the park.Some moments are universal amongst parents.

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