Hoverboards and other Scary Stuff from the Future


ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZ. This is the weird sound that emits from under the feet of my giggling nieces and daughter as they zoom around on my nieces’ hoverboards.

I am not sure how I feel about hoverboards yet.

The creepy sound and the potential for crashes leaves me on edge, but the crazy cowgirl in me wants to hop on one and ride.

The physics of riding hoverboards are incredible. Through the leaning of your body in different directions, you increase speed, decrease speed, and turn. The physical command of riding one is a great exercise in balance and control. The mental demands include “PAY ATTENTION!” and “Watch out for that ________!” (Fill in the blank with anything that might get in your way.)

I remember when hoverboards were just at thing of the future. Anything from the future had to be cool, right? Cool, yes, but also a little scary.

Many futuristic and “cool” ideas have seemed scary or unnecessary. Remember the terror of the first cell phones and the fear created by those microwave ovens? (They were gonna zap our brains.) Cars that drove themselves (cruise control and back-up assist) were only for super heroes and villains. Computers in every home was too insane a notion for most to imagine. The idea of a limitless web of information flowing into computers was unfathomable. Only the Jetsons could ask their house to look up a fact or order toilet paper. Now we have little towers of power that connect to Google answering questions and ordering groceries for us. (I don’t know how I feel about those towers either.)  Today those superfluous items and practices are things many of us would find hard to live without.

The future (and hoverboards) can be scary. The best way to find out how “cool” the future can be is to give it a try. Don’t let change or new opportunities frighten you too much. It’s okay to hover on the edges of change until you are comfortable, but don’t wait too long. The opportunity might become a thing of the past. Have an open mind and watch your speed.  You may hear some crazy noises and there might be a few crashes along the way, but for the crazy cowgirl or cowboy inside you, remember to get back up and ride again.

The energy and intent you put into today shape your future. Give new ventures positive attitude and don’t allow fear to keep you stuck in the past.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. If I ever do get on a hoverboard, you can bet there will be a post about it.


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