What if You Wrote a Book?

What if you wrote a book

What if you wrote a book? Would it be fiction or nonfiction? Would it be funny? Would it be a suspense-filled mystery? Would it be a romance novel? Would your book be a children’s classic or a self-help for struggling parents? Would you write your autobiography (a story of you)? What if you wrote a book?

This past weekend I had an amazing day with two of my sisters and our activities (of course) included a delicious and relaxing lunch. At our meal, I told my sisters of my goal to finally being writing the manuscript for a book idea that has been moldering around in my mind for awhile now. They were supportive and joked about if the book were about us.

In the book about us, each sister would get a chapter. My youngest sister’s chapter was titled something like, “We only had two beers, but I swear we were talking to an Angel named Holly and then he was gone.” (There is a story behind this title that will appear in a future blog post. Promise!) The other chapters are still to be determined but A LOT of great brainstorming went on with our second glass of wine.

I have written a few children’s mysteries and have gone so far as to talk to some artist friends about illustrating with me, but never pulled the trigger on getting those books out. I know there will be a time and a place for them in my writing future.Β 

For now, I am devising my plan of attack for my book on “Waiting.” The premise of the book is to share about theΒ amount of time we spend “waiting” in our lives and stories of times when I or someone I know had to wait. So many lessons are learned as we wait for the bathroom, in the grocery line, for a package to arrive, for a diagnosis, for a phone call. So much waiting and so much to learn from it.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any stories about times when you had to wait for something, someone, a message? The stories can be funny, sad, romantic, or inspiring? Would you be willing to share them with me for a book?

What if you wrote a book? What would you write?

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I would read your books. All of them!

P.P.S. I am serious about writing the waiting book. Let me know what you think.



11 thoughts on “What if You Wrote a Book?

  1. I want to write a book!!! just not sure what I would write about… which makes me question my “wanting” to write a book.

    At lease I know that I would have one person that would read it… “Two beers and an Angel” has me really intrigued!

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