It’s Not What You Grow – Wise Words Wednesday

While it may be winter and there aren’t a lot of crops in our fields now, we are reaping the benefits of last year’s hay season and the work of grain farmers from across the country. Long days and late nights produced a tremendous amount of hay to be stored in our barns last summer. As the grass has frozen and dried up this winter, the cattle and horses have been able to continue to grow and find comfort in those bales. The turkeys and calves are able to eat and develop thanks to the feed made from the harvest of American fields. We aren’t growing crops or animals; we are creating a place for them to flourish in spite of winter’s harshness.

Farmers aren’t the only ones creating places for people and things to produce. We all are creators of environments that allow for safety and growth. We are all cultivators of children, pets, food, products, and emotions. Each and everyone has a hand in growing something.

It’s really not what you grow, but what you do to make your environment productive and positive. Consider what efforts you make to enrich the day and what contributions you add to your relationships. Do you provide positive outlook or ideas to discussions? Do you seek to add brightness in the day for others? Do you share snacks or little things to make your home and office more comfortable? Do you speak kind words or commit random acts of kindness? Do you put your best effort into the tasks at hand?

If we don’t put effort into producing better, brighter, or more productive results, we won’t reap the same kinds of rewards that come from enthusiasm, kindness, and dedication. I encourage you to give your personal “farming” style some consideration.

Think about what you do ensure a fruitful personal and professional life. What is it that you do to make your world grow and improve? In what ways can you support the community and its leaders so as to make it an environment that welcomes and encourages everyone?

Remember, it’s not what you grow, but what you do to create an environment where growth can take place.

Here on the farm, we promise to keep doing our best to provide quality conditions for our crops and animals. In my home and at school, I’m going to do my darndest to give those I care for room to grow with the support and tools they need to flourish. I hope this reflection on your “farming” efforts helps to develop greater cultivation of compassion, efficiency, and achievement. Get out there and let your Intentergy fill your efforts productive energy and intents that inspire success in all you do.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. If you are a coffee or cocoa farmer or a wine maker, please keep growing those quality products. What you grow helps me be fruitful in my own efforts.

P.P.S. Please share this message with the news media and our leaders. They need to do some serious shifting in their efforts to produce quality conditions for our nation. God bless America!


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