How Do I Get Started… Again?

The last time I posted any Intentergy was August 18th. That post was to announce upcoming Bloggers’ BeLOnG Sessions. Since then, I’ve done two Bloggers BeLOnG and one Blogging for Beginners Sessions, but written absolutely NOTHING. (Today’s post is the equivalent to the typing walk of shame.)

The worst part is that all of the sessions I’ve spoke at have been on blogging. I feel like a huge hypocrite. And a hypocrite is the worst kind of -crite… so I need to get writing again.

The trouble with getting started again is that it’s really hard to know what to do first.

Ideologies range from taking small steps to diving in head first, but I think what most of us need is an option to move somewhere in between a shuffle and a dive.

Do you feel like you are on pause in some aspect of your life?

Do you feel like you need a push to get back to one of your personal goals or just back in the habit of something that makes your life better?

Well, I’m going to take my proverbial first step to get back to blogging today by offering you a push in the direction of getting going again.

In January, I wrote about making vision boards with my gal pals. I’m pretty proud of how well I stuck to the majority of my visions, but some definitely fell by the wayside. (Sadly, my guitar has not gotten the attention is deserves.)

Did you make a vision board or a New Year’s Resolution? It’s probably not too late to visit those resolutions, even if you have to modify them in a more attainable increment for the remainder of this opportunity-filled year.

On a recent night out, my friends were talking about how much they needed to start losing weight because of health issues. Most of the issues were rooted in diet and lack of activity. My friend Erin shared how she worked her way back into getting fit by starting with 5 minutes a day on her elliptical. After one week of running on her elliptical for 5 minutes a day, she increased her time to 6 minutes a day, and then 7 minutes, eventually working her way up to 45 minutes a day. This was the same method I used when I got started with my workouts as well, and it made my heart happy hearing that those kinds of intentions are productive for others. Sharing the process was a good thing, the but the greater part about Erin sharing her story was that we agreed to be cheerleaders for one another. Every time one of us reaches the goal of 5 minutes on the elliptical or one week of working at it everyday, we will be there to celebrate and cheerlead for one another to keep going. Finding a cheer squad for yourself is definitely one way to get back into the swing of things or start making progress.

Along with re-establishing focus on old intentions or recruiting a cheer squad, there is also the technique of writing your goal down. Jot your goal or objective on a post-it note or on your calendar; hang it on your bathroom mirror or on your car’s dash; or set reminders for yourself in your phone. Journal your progress. Keep track of when you make things happen and when things happen to inhibit you. Even when you record shortcomings, you are still showing determination, and that will hopefully fuel your focus to make progress for the next day’s entry. I’m taking this opportunity to share my goal of getting at least two posts out a week for the rest of 2021. (That’s 26 posts.)

So… I hope you are ready to get started … maybe again… on making good stuff happen in your life, because I’m totally ready to restart my Intentergy and put more positive energy out there. It’s not exactly baby steps, and I hope I don’t belly flop with failure, but this is as good a place as any to make a great start. Let’s do this! Let’s get started… again!

I’m hoping you all will be my cheerleaders, and I really want to rah-rah-ree for all of you.
Please share the goals you want to get back to or get started in the comments.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. My guitar is just staring at me as I write this post. I think he’s disappointed. I better pick him up.


3 thoughts on “How Do I Get Started… Again?

  1. Two posts a week is a decent amount, and I wish you all the best with that schedule. I can barely handle my weekly posts as is, lol. Here’s to getting started on the things we’ve put on the back burner!

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