Flawsome – Wise Words Wednesday

Flawsome – Wise Words Wednesday


Pinterest is often my go-to for seeking inspirational quotes. Recently I pinned an image that said, “Flawsome (adj.): an individual who embraces their “flaws” and knows they’re awesome regardless.” (Source: TheMindsJournal.com)

The term “flawsome” totally caught my attention so off to Google I ran. When I typed in “flawsome,” there were 212,000 results. That is A LOT of flawsome!

The Urban Dictionary was one of the first links to appear. A few entries down was Tyra Banks’ use of the word. Both the Urban Dictionary and Tyra Banks are much cooler than me, so my shared interest in this word was … well… flawsome.

According the Urban Dictionary, “flawsome” is defined as, “something that is totally awesome, but not without its flaws.” I am pretty sure this definition can be applied to most things in my life and I bet it is appropriate in your life as well.

I think we should get excited about our flawesomeness.

I believe we should celebrate just how trully flawsome we are.

I know we should learn to forgive and accept ourselves and those in our lives because we are all flawsome.

I am as guilty as anyone at jumping the gun when it comes to criticizing myself or scrutinizing my children for things that are not just as I think they should be. I need to take a step back and recognize how flawsome each situation or individual is.

The key to successfully identifying the flawsome traits of those around us is to slow down. We need to give ourselves time to accept and adapt to differences. Those adaptations will lead to appreciation for the flawsomeness that is right there in front of us. Knee-jerk reactions do not give us the chance to rock out the flawsome qualities we possess ourselves.

Put your energy into shifting down a gear or two and take things at a slower pace. If your intent is to find the good in everyday things and people, you will certainly find some good. I cannot guarantee every day will be perfect, but I can guarantee that every day has the potential to be flawsome.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Rock this day out with your flawsome self!




9 thoughts on “Flawsome – Wise Words Wednesday

  1. Modern Vampires must be flaw-some 🤔
    Potentially awesome but terribly flawed.

    Or are they unflawsome because they don’t recognise flaws and keep rolling on…brilliant word though.

    On another note…you are on Pinterest? I joined that two weeks ago…I must now find you there too 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think the vampire recognize their flaws and they definitely feed off the knowledge that others have flaws. 😦 Intentergy is on Pinterest and I have my personal Pinterest account. Thank you for following my Pinterest habit. I am following you now as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I found the right person then !! But stalkerish that is on reflection 🤔

        Very true re the vampire conclusion too…even when they get caught out they still think they have done nothing wrong 😕


  2. You are pretty flawsome–no, un-flawsome. No. Forget that. Stick with flawed. I think we will get into trouble, like with “fulsome.” Careful with that one. I’ll stick with this one, Melanie: for you are simply awesome, Dude-ette!


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