How to Treat a Bad Day – Wise Words Wednesday

How to Treat a Bad Day – Wise Words Wednesday


Bad days seem to be contagious. When you have one bad day, you seem to become a bad day magnet

Bad days stink.

It is easy to say, “Tomorrow is another day,” or “Cheer up. It could always be worse,” but we know those thoughts don’t defeat the dreariness in some cases. The best medicine for a case of the blues is to treat yourself though kindness or charity.

Doing something kind or generous can be the first step in kicking cloudy thoughts to the curb. Not only will your actions help someone else have a better day, but you will quickly find that your friendliness has the same infectious inclinations that the bad days bring. One kind act makes is a lot easier to motivate ourselves to feel accomplished and lovable.

If you aren’t going for the sweet, touchy, feely remedy, remember Mercutio’s crude advice for Romeo after Rosaline’s rejection in The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Mercutio roughly advised his friend, “If love is rough with you, be rough with love.” Mercutio’s advice wasn’t exactly dealing with how to treat a bad day, but we can adapt it to fit our treatment purposes.

If the world is rough on you, give back what it needs. Love.

If you are struggling to find happiness, show happiness to others. Your efforts will result in greater joy in their lives and  yours.

Don’t let the heartache the world hands you be the force that holds you back. Make it the fuel that ignites your Intentergy to make the world a better place.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I know Shakespeare is probably mad at me for using Mercutio’s advice to teach a lesson about treating a bad day, but Mercutio and I have the same intent. We want to see people happy.





5 thoughts on “How to Treat a Bad Day – Wise Words Wednesday

  1. I really needed this, the past few days have been particularly rough ones. I’ve been struggling to stay positive because of it. I’ve been doing a lot of deep breathing and praying. This to shall pass.

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  2. The thing about posts like this is….you just know in those dark days it’s not just you that feels their grip. That alone helps in some weird and wonderful way. Not that it’s wonderful to know other people have their own depths to sink in, but in that no isolated, left out of life way. Knowing others have them and get over them is a very positive message for us all to take away. As for Shakespeare…if the message is positive I’m pretty sure he’d be OK with it too 😊

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      1. No need to thank….it’s an important message to keep sending out. There’s nothing worse than feeling isolated and that nobody cares or understands how you feel. If I can help others realise that then it’s a very positive feeling. Keep up the good work!!!

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