All in One Bite?


Chocolate covered strawberries are a treat that many of us enjoy. My father-in-law loves to make this special treat for the kids. He works hard to use perfectly ripe strawberries and make them look extra delicious. Every time he drops the special strawberries off he can’t wait to see the kids dig in.

The problem is my kids LOVE strawberries and they LOVE chocolate, but they won’t eat them together. They methodically pick the chocolate off the berries, eat the strawberry, and give the chocolate to me (because it touched a strawberry).

What is wrong with eating them all in one bite?

Do you eat chocolate covered strawberries?

I guess those tasty cocoa-covered fruit are a blend of two enjoyable things. Some people enjoy can only enjoy them separately, while others find the combination irresistible.

I have the problem of finding the combination of being busy and needed too irresistible. I love to be busy. I love to help others. I live to feel needed and appreciated. The problem is I sometimes drown myself in being busy and fail to find that perfect balance of needed and healthy.

Do you ever do this?

As I work hard to maintain my healthy intake of “busy” (the strawberry), I need to work at keeping my pleasure from saying “Yes” (the chocolate) to a minimum. There is nothing wrong with helping, volunteering, and feeling valued, but just as taking in more chocolate than fruit can spoil things, taking on too much responsibility ruins my balance.

If you find that you are taking on too much of the stuff that is supposed to make you feel good and it’s not, take the opportunity to be like my kids. Say, “Thank you,” for the opportunity, indulge in what is healthy for you, and pass on what you do not need. Keep the sweetness in feeling valued and remember it’s okay to not take it all in one bite.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I REALLY like the chocolate on the strawberries. It is so much healthier for me when my kids have destroyed the batch before I can get to it. 🙂






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